Use Jell to

  • know_yourself

    Know Yourself

    Discover your inner self. Learn your natural strengths. Learn why someone bugs you.

  • Understand Others

    Understand Others

    Know people’s edges, dive into their motivations, approach them with care.

  • navigate in groups

    Navigate in Groups

    Capture and manage groups. Create comfort and efficiency for thoseĀ around you.

Benefits for You

  • Learn your true motivations

    Learn your true motivations

  • Uncover your higher purpose

    Uncover your higher purpose

  • Find fit with friends and peers

    Find fit with friends and peers

  • Find approach to hard rocks

    Find approach to hard rocks

  • Establish your social recognition

    Establish your social recognition

  • Refine your style

    Refine your style

  • Getting things done using your strengths

    Getting things done using your strengths

  • Find approach to boss

    Find approach to boss

  • Identify your social role

    Identify your social role

  • Improve collaboration

    Improve collaboration

  • Find fit with peers

    Find fit with peers

  • Prepare for pitfalls

    Prepare for pitfalls

Customers Feedback

  • Jennifer_Mae_Parker

    It is a comfy app to use. Quite simple really which is great. It is a really good app! Keep up such a great work!

    Comfy App to Use

    Jennifer Mae Parker - Sales Advisor, UK

  • Simon_Jacobsen

    This is a really nice app. Provides a nice and clear way to sort and understand interpersonal relationships in socionics.

    Understand Interpersonal Relationships

    Simon Jacobsen - psychology student, Denmark

  • Heni_Hamza

    I always take personality tests and this test is considered to be the best... The questions are well structured and easy to answer.

    Considered to be the Best

    Heni Hamza - AIESECer, Tunisia

  • Jack_Aaron

    The look and feel is beautiful and I love the technology.

    Love the TEchnology

    Jack Aaron - socionist, UK

  • Timo_Heikkinen

    That's a nice tool for getting know people better. I really liked the general layout and graphic style.

    Tool to Know People Better

    Timo Heikkinnen - ICT Coordinator at Oy Eniro Finland Ab Finland

  • Susan_Elizabeth_Harris-Gamard

    I really appreciated the test because it was different than others. The questions really got to the heart of the types and who they are.

    Different than others

    Susan Elizabeth Harris-Gamard - Writer Buffalo, New York