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Use Jell to get to know
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  • Identify potential strengths and challenge areas
  • Identify and fill the right roles
  • Improve collaboration
  • Put together the most effective teams
  • Eliminate conflicts based on misunderstanding
  • Anticipate challenges and solutions early on
  • Reduce turnover
  • Create a friendlier internal culture
Jell uses a theory of personality type and information processing that blends Carl Jung’s work on psychological types and Antoni Kepinski’s concept of information metabolism. As a science, Jell’s roots go back to the 1960s, where a group of young scientists, led by the dean of the Vilnius Pedagogical Institute, wanted to define the most common models of peoples’ behavior and to predict their interactions with each other. The results of their research were widely used both in the world of science and in business, where socionics has become an effective tool for building a better team. Based on individual characteristics and compatibility between sociotypes, Jell helps to build a team with the most suitable people who will produce optimal results in the shortest timeframe. All while reducing drag and generating the highest levels of motivation and energy.
Jell works on the widely believed premise that everyone falls into one of 16 types, and the way we interact with others can be predicted. This can be seen in a number of popular psychometric tests, but Jell takes it to a whole other level. Widely used by a growing number of companies around the world to solve the ever-critical team-building issue, as well as to identify the best candidates for mission critical roles. In an office setting, Jell acts as a tool to create non-conflict teams and a low friction environment that caters to the specific needs of employees. Jell does this by identifying the particular skills and temperaments of each employee, and by making suggestions on how to mix them in a way that is both complimentary and conducive to success. You can also use Jell to optimize existing teams, enabling them to be more effective by capitalizing on individual strengths and talents.
Socionics began as a science in 1960s using the typological theories proposed by Carl Gustav Jung, and first published in his 1921 book Psychological Types (English edition, 1923). It has been widely embraced in over 150 universities, and implemented in more than 150 firms, banks and companies in Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. I would like to note the following: there are published several scientific journals on the socionics applications in management, psychology, pedagogy, sociology. International conferences are held regularly. There were published more than 200 scientific and popular books But up until now, there was no convenient, global, online tool to assess your type and compatibility with others. That is, until Jell. Based on decades of research, the Jell test has been built from the ground up, collaborating with the International Institute of Socionics and its director Dr. Alexander Bukalov, to create the most comprehensive and accurate individual and group typology anywhere.


  • “I really appreciated the test because it was different than others. The questions really got to the heart of the types and who they are.”

    Susan Elizabeth Harris-GamardWriter
    Buffalo, New York

    “That's a nice tool for getting know people better. I really liked the general layout and graphic style.”

    Timo HeikkinnenICT Coordinator at Oy Eniro Finland Ab

  • “The look and feel is beautiful and I love the technology.”

    Jack Aaronsocionist

    “I always take personality tests and this test is considered to be the best... The questions are well structured and easy to answer.”

    Heni HamzaAIESECer

  • “This is a really nice app. Provides a nice and clear way to sort and understand interpersonal relationships in socionics.”

    Simon Jacobsenpsychology student

    “It is a comfy app to use. Quite simple really which is great. It is a really good app! Keep up such a great work!”

    Jennifer Mae ParkerSales Advisor

  • “I think this is awesome, I love the practical implications of this app. Using it to improve a business structure would be a blast!”

    Joseph William Cox IIIHCM

    “The app shows you your socio type which is first of all interesting for yourself. Second the app can provide you and your team a useful feedbacks if you combine it with team coaching or use the premium version.”

    Lisa Schubertpsychology student


The Jell team is truly international, with members in Canada, the U.S., England, Russia and the Ukraine. We have developed Jell as a practical tool that helps people get to the core of themselves and those around them so that they can enhance their jellability with others.

We have created Jell as an effective tool for anyone who wants to better understand themselves, and the dynamics of interaction with the people around them, whether they be colleagues, friends, relatives or loved ones.

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